Marijuana's Moment

Marijuana's Moment

Published on 10/13/16

Marijuana legalization has taken huge strides in the last several years, but the movement is far from done. About 5% of the U.S. population has access to recreational marijuana, and on November 9th that number could shoot up to 25%. There are currently 5 states pushing recreational marijuana initiatives with a chance to pass next month, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada. All 5 states are showing winning results in the polls, but it's important for voters to maintain strong support until the vote. Many experts believe if California legalizes recreational marijuana then the federal government will be forced to follow suit soon after. Ontop of the 5 states considering recreational marijuana, Florida, Montana, North Dakota, and Arkansas are all considering medical marijuana initiatives this year. While Florida has shown strong support for legalization, the other states aren't polling as confidently. 

Measures to legalize and regulate the sale of cannabis are on the ballot in California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada, and recent polls show the “yes” vote is winning in all five states. Approval would mark the biggest advance yet for advocates in the decades-long fight over legalizing marijuana—one that they believe could ultimately force the federal government to end its prohibition of the drug.

“On November 8, you can safely say we’ve reached the tipping point if these go our way,” said Tom Angell, founder of the group Marijuana Majority. The most important battleground is California, where advocates expect voters to approve personal use of pot six years after they defeated a similar measure. Support for Proposition 64 is polling at nearly 60 percent, and the measure has drawn support from leading politicians and newspapers that opposed it in 2010, including Democratic Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom..."

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