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Connecticut Democrats Push Marijuana Legalization and Student Debt Assistance

Legalization Posted Feb 5 2019

Connecticut Democratic lawmakers are proposing to legalize recreational marijuana in the state for adults 21 years old and up. The new governor in Connecticut announced his support for the measure alongside other Democratic talking points like providing debt-free college for certain qualifying students. The bill would mean the regulation, taxation and sale of legal cannabis and allow adults to possess up to on ounce of buds. Officials estimate the program could bring in tax revenue for the state close to $70 million it's first year and potentially double for the following years. Many other neighboring states have either already legalized or plan to, should citizens of Connecticut be spending their money elsewhere or allow their own state to bring in more jobs and revenue? Marijuana convictions will also have a chance to be expunged though the details of which crimes have not been decided.

“It’s already on our doorstep,” said Mr. Looney, referring to the recent legalization in Massachusetts and Vermont. “It is all around us, and we need to treat it the way we treat other products of its kind.”

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