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Medibles Ban Dropped in Oregon - Brownies Are Safe!

Medical Marijuana Posted Apr 1 2014

Elected officials in Oregon are stepping down from a recent proposal to prevent medical patients from accessing edibles made with marijuana. Pay no regard to the fact that many patients prefer to get their medication in a non-inhaled form, why would legislatures care about the voters?

Medibles Ban Dropped in Oregon - Brownies Are Safe!

On Monday, the Oregon Health Authority imposed new rules to disallow packaging geared towards children (brightly colored, cartoons, animal shapes etc). While children clearly should not have access to marijuana (or alcohol, cigarettes, toxic chemicals, fireworks or even too much sugar), it would seem many of these legislatures have never stepped inside a business who legally serves marijuana before.

Hopefully, Oregon's lawmakers will listen to its patients and not stomp all over the little bit of freedom they have won already. From our experiences, medical marijuana dispensaries who sell edibles, do so in clearly labeled fashions in packaging worthy of medical facility (because they usually were, offsite by another company). For now, Oregonian patients can still enjoy their weed brownies and delicious array of medibles.

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