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Jamaica Government Pushes to Gain a Piece of the Medical Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana Posted May 13 2016

The Jamaican 2016/17 budget debate opened up this week with statements from the Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, on essential policy to achieve the necessary growth - legal marijuana and hemp. Shaw himself will be leading the project by preparing potential industry farmers as well as facilities to add value to the product (concentrated marijuana products) for export. As well as increasing Jamaica's tourism, Shaw is proposing Jamaica as the future medical marijuana capital of the world. 

Accordingly, he said the country "must move with a sense of urgency and turn ganja which has been a negative for Jamaica into a major asset creating wealth for our country."

"Canada has built a major industry which is opening up for full legalization next year. The Dutch ministry of Health is exporting medical marijuana to Canada, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. Israel which is the largest recipient of United Sates aid has over 12,000 medical marijuana patients and is leading the world in research on medical marijuana," he elaborated.

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