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Amendment 2 would expand marijuana use to 6 other debilitating conditions

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 5 2016

Last year, voters in Florida failed to pass an amendmend to legalize medical marijuana, this year the state will have another chance. Amendmend 2, if passed, would expand on the current medical marijuana program in Florida by adding 6 additional illnesses to the list of qualifying conditions. Patients do not receive marijuana buds, but instead a concentrate or extract that can be vaporized or added to into food/drink. Though scientific evidence for treating some of the illnesses has been hard to come by, many patients hold much trust in anecdotal evidence and personal experience. 

"It certainly is something that allows me to function in society 100 percent more than what Percocet, Demerol, Vicodin or any other drugs prescribed through a pharmacy were able to do," a patient identified only as M.J., who suffers from chronic pain, said.

A total of 25 states have approved some form of medical marijuana, and a recent Gallup poll shows that 60 percent of Americans are in favor of its use.

If the amendment passes, the Florida Department of Health will set guidelines for how it's dispensed and monitored.

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