Lacey Washington city Council 'Booed' after Dispensary decision

Lacey Washington city Council 'Booed' after Dispensary decision

Published on 12/2/11

In Lacey Washington people crammed into the council meeting where a dispensary was denied the right to operate anymore. The city council, who was 'booed' after the decision, cited 'public safety concerns' as it reason for the denial.

LACEY, Wash. (AP) — A pro-marijuana crowd booed the Lacey City Council after it voted Thursday night to deny a business license to a medical marijuana dispensary.

A lawyer for Lacey Cross said it's in compliance with state medical marijuana laws, but an assistant city attorney said the city decided to deny the business license because of public safety concerns.

Lacey Cross was one of five dispensaries shut down Nov. 15 in raids by federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents and police.

The Olympian reports none of the 17 people arrested in those raids have been charged.

Lacey Cross supporters packed the council meeting. Some carried signs that read, "Don't force patients into the black market."

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