Letter: Tacoma medical marijuana shops to close in phases

Where's Weed

Published on 8/13/15

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The DEA aren't the only ones shutting down marijuana dispensaries these days, the Liquor and Cannabis Board in Tacoma, Washington have released their plan and sent their letters to the shops that need to close because they are operating without a license. Current stores that have pending licenses will be given until July of 2016 to finalize their status. Most of the marijuana shops in the city are scheduled to close, but officials want to make sure patients will be taken care of. Unlicensed shops will begin closing in October of this year, and many are scheduled to close before summer of 2016.

The state Liquor and Cannabis Board has not established licensing procedures for medical cannabis businesses, but when it does, stores in Tacoma that have an “active pending” application can remain open until the LCB has issued all of its medical licenses, said Danielle Larson, tax and license division manager with the city of Tacoma