Medical marijuana: Thousands of Connecticut patients, but few doctors participate

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Published on 8/10/15

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Connecticut began selling legal medical marijuana for the first time September 2014. At the time, only 6 dispensaries were open throughout the state, but the issue at hand seems to be getting doctos to participate and take advantage of the practice. There are currently almost 5,000 registered patients, but of the 239 doctors licensed to certify patients, majority are seen by one of 8 doctors. According to, over 1/5th of the registered patients were certified by just 1 doctor. Some people in the state aren't even aware of the state's medical marijuana program, thus never seek out alternative treatment, and not enough doctors are licensed to make people aware.

For PTSD patients, many of whom are veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, the indica strain of cannabis helps with sleep while sativa reduces depression. “We have tons of people coming back from the war,” Major said.

Other effects include reducing muscle spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis and tremors in those with Parkinson’s disease. For HIV patients, marijuana helps reduce side effects and increases appetite.