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2Chainz, Conservative Icon

News Posted Jan 14 2015

If you're a fan of the rapper, 2 Chainz, you may have already heard that he had an on-air debate with Nancy Grace over the legalization of marijuana. If you have yet to see the debate, you may be surprised to find that the subject of legalization was hardly followed. 2 Chainz did his best to logically answer Nancy's questions, but under pressure she quickly changes subjects multiple times to ridicule 2 Chainz name, career, and lifestyle instead of focusing on the debate at hand. Despite the misdirection, 2 Chainz made some very good arguments for legalization and hopefully educated Mrs. Grace on the topic.

Booking 2Chainz for the segment turned out to be a stroke of genius. (With luck, Grace will follow through on her Twitter vow to have him back regularly.) Despite a slew of random digressions—on 2Chainz's aliases, on his videos, and so on—what comes across clearly is his libertarian-conservative ethos. In making a case for marijuana legalization, 2Chainz advocates for limited government and limited intrusion into citizens' lives; decries wasteful spending; and insists on personal responsibility while espousing an essentially Thatcherite conception of a polity as a collection of individuals who can't and should not be abstracted into "society" writ large.

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