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Colorado Health Board Votes 'No' on Treating PTSD With Marijuana

News Posted Jul 16 2015

By some, Colorado is considered forward thinking and open minded having been the first US state to legalize marijuana recreationally, though it was the voters who chose to do so. Currently on the list of conditions that qualify for Colorado's medical marijuana program are: muscle spasms, epilepsy, cancer, severe nausea and glaucoma...But not PTSD. Nine other states allow PTSD patients (often soldiers who have been traumatized overseas) to access medical marijuana, while Colorado's Health Board voted no to PTSD this week. This marks the third time the Health Board has denied PTSD patients access to a drug that they believe helps. The Health Board cite their reason for denying as a lack of science. Once again, the inability to research a plant has hindered countless Americans.

After hearing testimony from veterans hoping to access the drug, most of the board’s members said they could not support it because there is not enough scientific evidence that marijuana can help with PTSD and anecdotal evidence is not enough 

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