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Legal Marijuana Investing

News Posted Jul 12 2015

Investing in marijuana in the US has had its ups and downs in the past several years, while some are thriving, many are reluctant to invest due to worries of the federally illegal businesses being shut down. At this point, most banks are still scared to work with marijuana based businesses, but this could all change if a recently proposed bill is passed to protect the banks. Until the cannabis industry is more secure here in the US, some suggest investing in a Canadian pharmaceutical company (GW Pharmaceutical) who is developing "cannabis based products" and showing massive gains. This year, GWPH is up 80% and with the backing of cannabis based drugs, doesn't look to be going down. 

When played right, the cannabis industry can make you a ton of money. But until the federal government stops treating state-approved marijuana operations as criminal enterprises, only marijuana companies operating outside of the U.S. are worth your time. This is one of the reasons I'm so hopeful this new legislation gets some traction.

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