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Mich. farmer with cancer gets no prison in marijuana case

News Posted Oct 25 2015

A Michigan farmer with severe leukemia has been graced with a minor sentence compared to what current marijuana laws could've landed him. After police found over 800 marijuana plants and 780 pounds of harvested marijuana, he could've spent 20+ years in prison, but his story saved his life. While battling cancer for several years now, he took a deal with a local grower to share his land in exchange for the cash to cover his medical bills. After cooperating with law enforcement and his family pleading for mercy, his sentence was taken down to 3 years supervised release, and a $7,500 fine. The amount of pain and frustration that both marijuana prohibition and cancer treatment brings has changed this mans life, but how many others will see a minimum sentence before something changes?

"He's had a lot of problems with leukemia and putting him in prison could have killed him,'' Courtade said. "He has no prior record and with his medical condition and the fact he worked with the government in this investigation – I have no problem with the sentence.''

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