Poll: Support For Marijuana Legalization Soars In Texas

Poll: Support For Marijuana Legalization Soars In Texas

Published on 10/4/15

Texas is known for being one of, if not the most conservative state in the US. With that kind of reputation, its no surprise Texans have been historically in favor of marijuana prohibition, but for the first time in the state, the majority has shifted. According to a recent poll by Texas Lyceum, 46% of Texans support marijuana legalization, which is a major increase from around 30% 4 years ago. Of those who don't support full legalization, 57% support atleast lighter punishments and decriminalization. It's been a long time coming, but as of now only 19.5% of Texans support the continued prohibition of marijuana. 

"Taking into account those who favored legalization and decriminalization, just 19.5 percent of adult Texans wanted to retain full prohibition, according to the poll’s executive summary."

“We have work to do in Texas, but voters are ready for reform and we see an opportunity to repeal marijuana prohibition within the next few meetings of the legislature,

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