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How Potent Is That Pot Brownie? Dry Ice And A Blender Might Crack The Case

News Posted Mar 14 2016

When it comes to states legalizing marijuana, medical or recreational, a large debate topic is marijuana-infused edibles. While the industry is still establishing norms and regulations, many marijuana edibles could have inconsistent amounts of THC, varying from the label on the package. This could either lead to someone not receiving a proper dose for their illness, or an unexpecting consumer to take more than intended.  Since legalization, finding the exact percentage of THC has not been easy, but with a new method developed by a senior scientist at Americans for Safe Access, edibles are being blended into smooth liquids that can be more accurately tested at much smaller sample sizes. 

"If we were talking about blood-pressure medicine, we never expect patients to go to the pharmacy and not know what they were getting — that would be completely inappropriate," he says.

"Think about it. Even if people are just using these products for recreation, the current state of affairs is a problem," Vandrey notes. "You don't go buy a six pack and expect each can of beer to have a different, unknown amount of alcohol."

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