Let Marijuana Travel Between States If Guns Can, Dem Congressman Says

Let Marijuana Travel Between States If Guns Can, Dem Congressman Says

Published on 12/14/17

A new bill being pushed by Republicans this month would allow those with concealed carry gun permits to carry their weapons across state lines even if the destination state has different requirements for concealed carry. The Democrats are hoping by that same logic that Republicans will begin supporting medical marijuana patients and their ability to take their medication across state lines. There's no good reason that an American medical patient shouldn't be able to travel across state lines with their legal medication that treats their illness. If Republicans truly believe in and support federalism and and state's rights, then they should also be in favor of state legal medications crossing state lines.

“Let’s think of this logically: If one state allows the legalization of marijuana, does that mean every state needs to allow the legalization of marijuana?” Congressman Ro Khanna of California said in the clip, posted to Twitter on Wednesday. “I have always thought that the Republicans are the ones who defend federalism, defend states’ abilities to make laws that they think are going to be best for their people.”

Applying the principle of the gun bill, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, to marijuana would result in a situation where someone with a medical cannabis recommendation for anxiety from a California doctor  would be allowed to legally use the drug in Pennsylvania, which has a more stringent list of qualifying medical conditions that doesn’t include anxiety.

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