Veterans groups react to VA’s shift in medical marijuana policy

Veterans groups react to VA’s shift in medical marijuana policy

Published on 12/19/17

Earlier this month a new policy was adopted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for their clinical programs that would finally allow doctors and pharmacists to talk with their patients about state legal medical marijuana programs. Veteran organizations that support the use of medical marijuana seem split on this update, The American Legion is happy that vets will now be able to start a dialogue with their doctors, but the Weed For Warriors Project is less thrilled and more concerned about the policy not going far enough. Vets will be able to talk to their VA doctors about cannabis for the first time, however that information will put them on a list sent to the state. The new policy still does not allow VA doctors to register vets for state legal medical marijuana programs nor will the VA pay for it's patients medical marijuana. 

“This updated policy will help encourage veterans using medical cannabis to more openly and fully discuss their healthcare options with VA medical providers with full reassurance that their VA benefits remain secure,” she said.

Leaders at Weed For Warriors Project, an organization that educates veterans on the benefits of medical marijuana while providing free cannabis to vets, were unconvinced.

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