Senate committee recommends expanding use of medical marijuana

Senate committee recommends expanding use of medical marijuana

Published on 3/20/17

New Hampshire's Medical Marijuana program is a vote closer to expanding it's qualifying conditions after a committee unanimously passed a bill that would add Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Patients with EDS testified recently of the painful surgeries and symptoms that accompany the disease, including chronic back, joint, and neck pain that never goes away, Opioids can be prescribed for EDS, however some patients are concernced about the highly addictive properties of many prescription pain killers. Some patients also think medical marijuana could help treat suicidal thoughts. The bill awaits final Senate approval before being considered by The House.

Committee chairman Sen. Jeb Bradley called the testimony extremely compelling, as people with EDS testified about the often severe that pain they experience.

"Chronic back, joint and neck pain, vision problems, congenital heart valve defects, congenital kidney structure defects," said Lena Zerbinopoulos, who has EDS.

"I've had 16 surgeries because of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome," Lynette Stebbins said in her testimony. "I have pins and plates and screws in my body because of all of the dislocations and torn ligaments and tendons."

EDS attacks the body's connective tissues, and those who testified before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee said the pain associated with it never goes away.

The committee considered a bill that would allow those with EDS to use medical marijuana. Although opioids can be prescribed, Stebbins told the committee that she is afraid to use them.

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