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Marijuana convention in Portland bigger than last year’s

News Posted Oct 13 2017

Portland, Maine hosted the New England Cannabis Network's Maine Cannabis Convention last weekend as thousands of eager visitors payed $20 to get in to see around 120 exhibitors. On it's third year now, the convention has attracted more attention each year and does not show any signs of stopping. Visitors gathered from all around New England to learn about all subjects cannabis, from what kind of businesses there are and how to start then, to how to setup and cultivate your own marijuana. Maine residents are eager to get their recreational cannabis program up and running after voters chose to legalize last fall. But similar to their southern neighbors down in Massachusetts, there are still many regulations to be set. Officials are saying at best that Maine's retail cannabis will be available by summer 2018, but at worst it could wait until spring of 2019.

That market potential may explain the large crowds showing up at this year’s convention, which offered up the same funky mix of booths as previous editions, with head shop retail outlets intermixed with businesses offering energy solutions, security services and gardening products.

Two lecture halls were set up, one focusing on the business of cannabis, with titles such as “Staging Your Business for Private Equity Funding,” and the other on do-it-yourself issues with titles like “Setting Up Your Personal Cultivation Space.”

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