Cannabis measures make headway in Indiana Legislature

Cannabis measures make headway in Indiana Legislature

Published on 1/24/18

Indiana lawmakers have historically not been fans of cannabis for any reason, however pressure from voters and the changing tides of over half of the United States have made a big difference. Yesterday Indiana legislators voted unanimously (94-0) to pass a resolution that will create a study of medical marijuana. The state passed a bill last year legalizing CBD oil for patients with intractable epilepsy, but officials were confused on what exactly was legal. Now there are several medical cannabis bills in the state legislature that are hoping to clear up exactly what is legal in the state and what is not. This new study commissioned by yesterday's bill will hopefully bring more clarity to exactly who can benefit from medical cannabis and let officials make the proper decisions in the future.

Bosma said, “Well, I think lawmakers are catching up to what many consumers already knew; that this is not a dangerous product. I believe part of the reason this has legs this year is the prosecutor’s association has come to that conclusion also, at least in great part.”

All the bills mentioned so far in this story are continuing to move through the Legislature. But, according to the Legislative Services Agency, these are other bills that focus on cannabis-derived items that are up for consideration in this year’s session:

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