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More employers are dropping marijuana from drug tests. Here's why the trend in Iowa is a slow burn.

News Posted Jul 5 2018

The job market in the U.S. is being forced to evolve as the culture around it does and one major change to the way Americans live is being aware that consuming cannabis does not hold the same negative light that it used to. Positive drug test results for cannabis have been on the rise in state's with recreationally legal cannabis programs for obvious reasons. More employers are starting to take notice that an employee who consumes cannabis on their own time or for medical reasons are not at all the danger that they used to be portrayed as. As a result, more businesses around the U.S. are quietly removing cannabis from the list of substances to test for on a drug test. You wont see most of these businesses advertising their new policies, but the shift in the culture is definitely making a slow but steady impact. 

Many more businesses have shifted away from mandatory marijuana testing in the past six months, said James Reidy, a management-side labor and employment lawyer from New Hampshire who has focused on the subject. "But I think they aren't necessarily advertising it," he said. 

It's the first major workplace drug policy shift since widespread screening began about 30 years ago, but is it catching on here in Iowa?

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