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Rauner: Yes to medical marijuana, still no to recreational

News Posted Oct 8 2018

Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois has been a key component in the progress of the state's medical marijuana program this year as he has not only added important qualifying conditions for the program but he also recently signed a bill that allows medical cannabis to be an alternative option where prescription opioids would be given. Despite his great support of the medical marijuana industry he is not yet sold on recreational cannabis for Illinois. He says officials from other states have recommended they "wait and watch" and that recreational cannabis is just a social experiment. Though he is unsure about recreational cannabis he is willing to study the idea which could lead to a bright future in his state.

“We studied the issue of whether we should make [marijuana] available for chronic pain. We studied it because there are pros and cons because cannabis is addictive,” Rauner said. “But we signed a law that basically said where opioids would otherwise be prescribed, we want to make medical cannabis available. Because it is less addictive than opioids.”


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