2019's Top 5 Marijuana Strains

2019's Top 5 Marijuana Strains

Published on 10/30/19

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Legal weed is having its coming-out party. As the legal cannabis industry grows and evolves from a black market, street-level illicit drug trade to a widely legalized, multi-billion dollar industry, it's impossible to ignore some of the innovations that have come as a result of that influx of legality, investment, and mainstream acceptance. That's a core reason why it's impossible to argue that 2019 has not been one of the best years in the history of weed. With innovative new cannabis companies coming out with amazingly potent marijuana strains every day, we have undoubtedly seen the best weed of our lives in 2019. The top cannabis strains are not easy to choose, as there are thousands of awesome weed strains out on the market right now, each with unique attributes and amazing qualities. With that in mind, however, we here at Where's Weed do have some favorites coming out of this year!  

That's why we're putting together this list of some of the best strains of marijuana to come out this calendar year, all ranked in a handy top-five format. Our picks for top weed strains are based on a myriad of categories, including flavor, appearance, aroma, overall high, terpene profile and THC content. The dankest weed strains are always hard to pick, but always fun to test. The options to choose from were huge this year, with numerous strains that could have won first place any other year not even making 2019's list! The top five marijuana strains of 2019 are without a doubt the best cannabis strains of all time, so without further ado, here are our picks for the top weed strains of 2019!

5. Rainbow Chip - Hybrid

Voted best Hybrid Flower in the Michigan's 2019 Cannabis Cup, this strain will knock your socks off. A unique cross between Sunset Sherb and Mint Chocolate Chip, Rainbow Chip contains a fruity flavor and aroma unmatched in any other strain. At the end of the day, this 50/50 hybrid is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to balanced, easy to puff on and enjoy strains. Exotic Genetix always comes through with some of the best cannabis we've seen, and this cross is no different.

Tropicana Cookies

With some of the most vibrant colors and pungent aroma, this sativa is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Tropicana Cookies is a cross between Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, making for a unique fruity flavor and strong citrus aroma. Imagine the cannabis power and flavor of cookies mixed with a fruity citrus kick. That's the type of unique flavor and cannabinoid profile you're getting from this strain. COCO Extracts took home first place in the 2019 Michigan Cannabis Cup in the sativa flower category with their version of Tropicana Cookies.

3. Wedding Cake - Indica

Wedding Cake is an indica dominant hybrid that brings together Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies for one of the best crossovers we have seen to date. If you have any type of a sweet tooth when it comes to cannabis, this is of the the best strains of weed you can get. With a sweet aroma and sugar-laced flavor, Wedding Cake should not be missed by any indica enthusiast. Triple Seven took home first place at the Southern California Cannabis Cup in the Indica category, so this bud can definitely hold its own when stacked up against the best in the world.

2. Z Cube - Hybrid

Caliva took home first place in the 2019 Bay Area Cannabis Cup with their version of Z Cube. As a cross between Zkittlez and OG Kush, Z Cube brings together fruity aromas with the unbeatable classic high of OG Kush. While it is an Indica dominant hybrid, Z cube has an energetic side which provides the user with a great body high without putting you to sleep. This is one of the best strains for resting and relaxing after a long day or unwinding after a tough week at the office.

1. Dimepiece - Indica

If you're looking for one of the best strains of weed out there from 2019, this last selection on our list is clearly the cream of the crop. This strain won first place in San Francisco's 2019 Cannabis Cup in the Indica flower category. WIth a THC content over 30 percent, this strain is no joke. As perhaps the most competitive Cup in the world, the winners of The Bay Area Cup are always some of the finest strains we have ever seen. Dimepiece crosses Acai Gelato with the always popular Sour Girl, for one of the most potent combinations in the marijuana industry today.

Have you tried any of the top strains we listed? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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