Top Strains for Parents to Smoke

Top Strains for Parents to Smoke

Published on 11/21/21

If you remember first trying marijuana in high school or college during the 1980s or 1990s, odds are good that you're a parent now, and perhaps even sending your own kid off to school come fall. If you have a lot more "me" time, you can indulge in some of the best cannabis strains for parents to smoke, relax, take a nap, or simply enjoy your favorite hobbies all the more. 

Growing Pains


Unlike the turbo-charged THC content in some cannabis strains that will make your mind melt, most parent-friendly strains are much higher in CBD. Although CBD doesn't give you that head high that allows you to laugh at just about anything, it provides a lot of relief for conditions like anxiety or insomnia. Different strains of weed have different types of THC and CBD levels; any of the best hybrid weed strains will blend the two of them together for both benefits. Generally speaking, a sativa will have more THC while an indica will have more CBD, but one of the great things about marijuana cultivation is that there are always examples that break the rules when it comes to sativa vs indica. 

How should parents use marijuana in a responsible way? For one thing, keep it well hidden away from younger hands. For another, consider combining it with a particular routine or hobby, such as yoga, so that you get more benefits from the 

Here is a list of strains that are great for parents looking to light up.

Sour Diesel

One of the most popular strains to ever make it into a joint, Sour Diesel is known for tasting less than great. However, what it lacks in flavor it makes up for in power. With 20% THC as well as nearly a full percent of CBD, this strain is sure to make you feel better in body, mind, and soul.

Black Magic Kush

Kush is a popular choice among all smokers because it features heavily in the medicinal industry; its pinene terpenes give a thorough but moderate high. Black Magic is one strain of kush that has very deep purple coloration, with a lower THC content that makes it great one of the best weed strains for sneaking in a midday nap when there's nobody to wake you up.


Cannabis and tonic together, what could be better? That's the offer within the bud of Cannatonic, one of the best hybrid strains you can find. One of the few examples of a cannabis strain that nearly perfectly balances THC and CBD at a one-to-one ratio, Cannatonic contains caryophyllene terpenes that are excellent for calming a troubled mind. With a light fruit taste, furthermore, it goes down much smoother than some other strains of hybrid weed. 

Blue Dream

Few medical cannabis strains have taken off like Blue Dream, a hybrid that reminds us all about what we want in the indica vs sativa debate. A combination of blueberry strains and haze strains, Blue Dream has a very pleasing taste and an uplifting sensation, great for picking up the remains of breakfast or running some errands now that you have the time.

Northern Lights

This indica has become adopted fast by those who like a good CBD ratio with a good taste. Northern Lights was first made in Seattle and grew in popularity due to its pleasant pine flavor and a strong dose of CBD, great for persons with pain, anxiety, or sleeping issues. 

Dutch Treat

You can find Dutch Treat available in most dispensaries because its high CBD profile makes it a welcome choice, especially in the medical community. With a whopping 8% CBD, Dutch Treat has more of this cannabinoid than some creams or CBD edibles, meaning that you don't need a lot of it to get its relief quickly. 

LA Confidential

You may remember the movie from the 1990s, and while we're still not sure why it is named after a movie that didn't have any marijuana, the indica strain LA Confidential has strong limonene terpenes that give it a minty taste. Capable of giving a good head high, LA confidential helps you to have a bit of relief in the midst of the day before the kids head back home, hungry for dinner.

Are you a parent, and do you have any particular strains that you prefer? How has your cannabis hobby changed with parenthood, and what activities do you incorporate cannabis with?  Let us know in the comments below if you have any advice for parents in search of some good herb.

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