Top 5 Strains for Pain Relief

Top 5 Strains for Pain Relief

Published on 12/10/22

There is no question that when it comes to health issues, the use of medicinal cannabis is one of the best treatment options available. Not only is it non-addictive, unlike opioid painkillers, but the best strains for pain relief can also provide additional health benefits, such as help dealing with chronic anxiety. Throughout history, cannabis has been relied on as a therapeutic solution, and its healing powers remain valuable today. Most types of cannabis that provide pain relief are those that are CBD-intensive strains. This is why indica is usually the choice when it comes down to indica or sativa for pain. However, you can find high-THC cannabis strains for pain relief since THC can ease the mood and relax the body, which can be very useful when you are suffering from chronic pain. Here are some of the best pot strains for pain relief.

Cannabis and Health

If you enjoy good bud, you have probably heard of cannabinoids, the brain receptors that affect your high. However, weed strains that help with pain will also affect the endocannabinoid receptors, a part of the brain that affects your nerves. Medicinal cannabis makes these nerves less sensitive, easing pain throughout your body; the best strain for nerve pain will alleviate pain throughout your entire body. If that strain comes in the form of oils, it can be applied directly to a specific place.

Many people with chronic pain turn to cannabis when they have few other options. Painkillers are notorious for their addictive properties, which have led to the overdose of hundreds of millions of Americans. Cannabis, by comparison, is almost impossible to overdose on. It also takes effect much faster than acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Furthermore, cannabis can better regulate your immune system to fight off sickness and alleviate chronic pain symptoms, such as nausea and difficulty sleeping.

Sour Diesel

Perhaps the most well-known strain of cannabis on dispensary shelves, Sour Diesel, gets its name from its extremely acidic taste. Some stoners prefer hybrids of Sour Diesel that have been crossed with tastier strains, like Blueberry, but the original is king for a reason. Not only does it improve your mood, featuring a walloping 20% THC ratio, but it also clocks in at about .5% CBD, more than enough to ease nerves or pain, making it one of the best strains for pain and anxiety options. As such, it can help physically and psychologically, making it great for those who feel let down by traditional medication.


One of the most common sativa strains, Haze, can be found in just about any medicinal and recreational dispensary. It may have less CBD than other options on this list, but do not let that fool you: it is commonly prescribed for pain as well as depression and nausea. Haze is famous for kicking in much faster than some other strains, making it practical for those who do not have the patience to wait. Since it grows quickly, it is a commercial strain for processing, and Haze provides some of the best edibles for pain relief, including those that are fast-acting edibles. Odds are good that if you have ever had a CBD gummy or brownie, you have had some Haze in your system.


Lavender, a member of the kush strain, is so named because it has distinct spicy aromas and flavorings and massive crystals of a deep purple. This indica has as much as 1% CBD, making it perhaps the best strain for pain relief overall. This indica is also famous for its powerful high, which may be helpful whenever you feel overwhelmed by life's many challenges, allowing you to get out of your head and enjoy life despite pain issues.

Lemon Skunk

If you have pain issues, you may think that a skunk is the last thing you want to try. Yet this CBD-intensive strain, a Skunk and Lemon Haze hybrid, pull through even if the taste is less than great. This sativa-dominant strain has multiple Cannabis Cup victories, indicating its widespread fame. Famous for being lively and even energetic, it can relieve pain while getting you through the mental health consequences of pain issues.

Purple Punch

This hybrid strain is well known for dishing out the good. At a whopping 20% THC and 1% CBD, there is very little that this member of the Purps family cannot do. Users report that it is both uplifting and relaxing, making it a common medicinal strain used for pain relief, depression, and insomnia. It also makes it one of the best strains for back pain, allowing you to sink into your couch after a rough day.

Do you use cannabis for pain relief? How have you found that it affects you compared to other medications? Let us know in the comments below!

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