The Different Types of Highs When Smoking Weed & The Best Strains to Get There

The Different Types of Highs When Smoking Weed & The Best Strains to Get There

Published on 1/13/22

Cannabis enthusiasts are often noted for their eagerness to explain great ideas. When it comes to a cannabis high itself, however, how do you explain how the plant makes you feel? For some, different types of weed and effects are primarily summed up to cannabis' THC content. This chemical gives you a head high, making just about everything under the sun more enjoyable, from poetry to MarioKart. Yet different types of weed high experiences do exist, and as our habits and tastes change over time, you may find you prefer some for particular situations. Here are the factors that affect your high and some of the best strains you can ask for to get there.

What's in a Name

A cannabis high typically affects the brain in several ways, primarily by affecting its neural circuit. By changing how your mind functions, different types of weed high will create new experiences or enhance existing experiences. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD also suppress some brain functions: cannabis is a depressant, after all, and particular types of weed are famous for making one relaxed, calm, and even sleepy. The individual chemistry of the best weed strains also affects your perception (and enjoyment) of a high; ingredients like terpenes affect the taste and uptake of cannabis.

The Electric High

Sometimes you feel lucky in life. Some days you have the touch where nothing can go wrong. An electric high is that feeling: a feeling of energy, good fortune, and positivity. If you want to be the life of the party, the leader of a team, or just the best version of yourself you can be, you want this high from sativa strains that boast the greater THC to CBD ratio. A great sativa like Soul Diesel pumps you full of life - the strength of the taste is an indication of the strength of its hitting power. In particular, Soul Diesel clocks in at a 20% THC, meaning that you'll be feeling good without a doubt.

The Meditation High

A high to calm your mind and create a sense of tranquility, Meditation High is keen on hybrid strains that provide enough CBD to counterbalance its rush. A choice like Blue Dream is one of the best strains of weed. Combining blueberry with haze gives a user a pleasant taste with a relaxing uplift and the desire to seek quiet.

The Competition High

If joy in your life comes from beating anyone else at any task, from video games to ping-pong, the Competition High comes when you are so focused that you can't lose. There are many choices of strain to keep yourself engaged and sharp; a blaster like the Armageddon Skunk indica may be one of the best. It makes it possible to concentrate and see the details of a task that others may overlook while giving you the drive to make it to first place.

The Genius High

If you feel like Mozart after you pack a bong and take a hit of a really good strain, you know the creativity that is possible in the Genius High. Whatever your idea, creative outlet, and goals in life, the Genius High allows you to use a sharper mind at the tasks ahead.

A member of the kush family is a good choice. Consider one of these well-known indica strains like Black Magic, named because its crystals are such deep purple and blue colors that appear to be as black as the night sky. It has the pinene terpenes of a mellow high that helps you develop better creativity and new ideas.

The Astronaut High

Sometimes our use of cannabis does not need to be philosophical or oriented towards particular goals. When your single desire is to get as baked as Sunday dinner, you need the Astronaut High. No frills required: just give me everything you got.

Whether you choose an indica vs. sativa is up to you; at this point, there is no judgment when the goal is to become glued to the couch. Consider a hybrid that brings everything to the table. Cannatonic is a popular hybrid strain that may be the very first strain to leverage THC and CBD at a ratio of one to one. The high hits and hits nicely because of its welcome flavors of fruit. It kicks in strongly because caryophyllene terpenes are some of the most potent relaxation agents in the cannabis scene.

Do you have any favorite strains of cannabis for particular highs? How does your favorite type of high affect you, your mood, or your daily life? Let us know in the comments below if you have any advice for people in search of a stoner solution to their everyday concerns.

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