Best Joint Filters of 2022

Best Joint Filters of 2022

Published on 7/10/22

A generation ago, a joint was the simplest thing: a shred of paper, a pinch of good bud, and you're all ready to go. Today, cannabis has evolved, and so too has the joint. Good joint filters are now available, as are different types of rolling papers and even automatic rollers, making it possible to mix and match joint materials to find the perfect spliff. A joint filter is, simply speaking, something to keep you from inhaling bits of flower as you smoke, but it can do more than that: it can also give flavors, designs, or other benefits that you cannot get from paper alone. Some are joint tips, meaning that they are plugged into the end of a joint, while others are filters that you can put a rolled joint into, much like a cigarette holder. If you've used a shred of cardboard and found it's not up to the task, here is a list of cool joint filters that will take a smoking session to the next level.

King Palm

Look at a set of King Palm joint filters, and you may be forgiven for thinking that you've just purchased a set of Havana cigars. These joint filter tips are designed to carry whatever weight they need, from a spliff the size of your forearm to a quickie meant for a few puffs. King Palm filters are made from corn husks, imparting a slight flavor into the joint but giving it a robust and sturdy frame that won't be affected no matter what happens. Coming in 9mm (for smaller joints) and 10mm (for bigger boys), King Palm includes flavored joint filters (if you want to disguise the taste of a strong strain like Sour Diesel) as well as natural materials. A pack of two flavor tips will only cost one to two dollars and can be found in most dispensaries and head shops.

Raw Tips


Few brands are as synonymous with stoners as Raw. Their rolling papers are an excellent way to smoke up, while their joint tips are inexpensive. These simple paper joint filter tip designs may be more susceptible to moisture and pressure than a silicone tip, but they pull their weight when needed. They are quite inexpensive, with a ten pack costing just five or six dollars. What's more, they're available just about anywhere, including in some gas stations that cater to the stoner community.

Silicone Filters

Silicone is one of the great new materials in stoner engineering, capable of re-making all the classics from bongs to bowls. Silicone joint tips offer the same durability and staying power as they do for other smoking vessels: they are virtually impossible to damage, while their structural power means that they can filter out just about anything from coming into your mouth. One downside is that they are single-use and must be cleaned afterward. They can be found on websites like filter420, where they cost anywhere from five to ten dollars each. Though it's a steeper price point, they pay for themselves in the long run and don't require going to the store once your supply has run out. In addition, they are great joint filter art, capable of psychedelic coloration as well as custom designs.

Cotton Paper Tips

Joint filter paper, like joint paper itself, can be made out of a myriad of materials. Just as you can find joint papers crafted from bamboo, you can find filters made from different sources. Cotton paper tips are raw joint filters, without any additives or preservatives, great for those who want an eco-friendly approach to their cannabis hobby.

Glass Tips

Photo Courtesy of Malek's Premium Cannabis

It may seem like you're taking a bong hit instead of smoking a joint, but glass tips are a great way to clean up a smoking session. They are portable and convenient and can easily be cleaned out afterward. The glass makes it easy to see how your joint is burning, so there's no confusion about layering or even burns.

Ceramic Tips

Pottery and pot blend together quite well, not only in terms of unleashing creativity but in terms of constructing quality materials for smoking or vaping. Ceramic tips are beautiful and feel great in your hands, providing a durable filter that is capable of blocking just about anything in the bud from getting into your mouth. They also contain heat better, preventing canoeing, and are durable enough to survive being dropped (or thrown) on the ground.

Charcoal Tips

Charcoal is one of the great filters in the world, which is why it is used in aquariums to filter substances out of water tanks. What charcoal can do for fishes is what it can do for you: eliminate all the harsh substances that a joint can blow into your mouth while killing off any organic material that does happen to get in. If you don't want to share a joint with someone with a cold, a charcoal tip is a great solution to prioritize your health.

Do you have a preference for joint tips? How have you found they affect the performance of a good blunt? Let us know in the comments below!

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