Father's Day Gift Guide 2022

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022

Published on 6/14/22

It's nearly summertime, which means Father's Day is just around the corner. Our fathers were the ones who taught us a lot of things; how to ride a bike, how to change a tire, and how to wink at pretty girls. Some fathers even taught their kids how to roll a blunt or grow the stickiest icky, and for these Dads, cannabis presents are the perfect gifts they are looking forward to on their big day. Cannabis use is increasing among parents as it becomes more legalized and destigmatized; a series of interviews from Fatherly.com revealed how many dads turn to cannabis to de-stress or be more focused on their kids' lives. If your Fathers cannabis preferences are well known and well shared, here are some of the best presents you can get your pops on the only day of the year where it's all about him.

Dad Grass


As the name suggests, this company sells cannabis, and they market it primarily to the older audience. Called "Dad Grass" because it's as unfussy as the joints that your dad might have smoked in the 1970s, these hemp joints are low in THC but high in calming, relaxing CBD. That makes it perfect cannabis for dads who aren't interested in getting to-the-moon high but would just like a few hours to listen to music or watch a retro movie without the world getting them down. Dad Grass is a great way to connect with your pops over a shared love of a good blunt and a good burn session with joints, bud, tinctures, and subscription deals.

The Cannabis Chronosseur


It's not exactly a secret that your average pothead isn't very good at remembering things. Etsy has come through with the perfect solution for such forgetful stoners: a journal specifically for laying down your cannabis hobby into diary form, recording what you smoked, when you smoked, and how you enjoyed the high. The Chornosseur isn't a flashy present, but it might be one of the most useful gift ideas for the patriarch who has just about everything else; it's pocket-sized and unobtrusive, meaning that it can be added to a stash without taking up space. Bonus points if you buy one for yourself and one for dad so that you can compare notes on some of your favorite strains. 

Prism Water Pipes

Prism Waterpipes

How often did your father tell you while growing up not to do something because it might make a mess? If your dad was the tidy one, then he might appreciate a set of Prism water pipes, a bong brand that is marketed as the easiest to clean on the market. These beakers are a bit on the expensive end, with prices ranging from $130 to $250, meaning it's one of the more upscale presents for cannabis smokers and parents. However, if you want to spoil your old man for doing such a bang-up job raising you, it can be a perfect, heartfelt way to say thanks on Father's Day. These bongs come in two designs, classic clamp and halo twist, while their glass blowers make it possible to build a custom bong on their website using whatever pattern and structure you desire. It's a great gift for the artistically inclined or scientifically inclined dad, allowing them to pick and choose what they want on their big day bong.

DaVinci Vaporizer

Da Vinci Vaporizer

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most famous inventors in history, having sketched outlines of machines like helicopters centuries before they were ever built and flown. Only a great vaporizer would be capable of carrying on the Italian thinker's name, which is what the DaVinci Vaporizer developers have aspired to. Their tinkering reflects how far cannabis technology has come, with intense hydro filters and thirty-second heaters that have taken vaping to the next level. Like the Prism bongs, these are not on the cheap side of Father's Day cannabis presents, starting at the $100 mini vapes and going to the $300 top-of-the-line vape. However, they have the power and the durability to make them worth the purchase, making them an excellent choice for sharing with dad.

Pot Leaf Socks


With years of Father's Days in the books, it's fair to look back and reflect on all the times you gave your dad socks or a tie because you didn't know what else to get him. Whether dad needs more socks because his still have holes, or whether you just want to give him something light and fun, pot leaf socks by Lucky Ben are the perfect choice for a dad with both a sense of humor and a fashion sense. These warm cotton socks are comfortable, flexible, and, best of all, show off his appreciation for a good leaf. At just $14, they are an easy choice for the kids looking for a budget-friendly option for dad come Father's Day. 

Does your father have an interest in cannabis as a hobby? How have you spent quality time with him and cannabis? Let us know in the comments below!

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