How to Roll a Blunt? A Beginner's Guide to Rolling Big Blunts

How to Roll a Blunt? A Beginner's Guide to Rolling Big Blunts

Published on 3/3/22

Legal cannabis has come a long way over the past few decades. Long gone are the days when cannabis was some underground, black market niche drug you were forced to buy from burnout stoners who grew some sketchy plants in their spare bedroom. Legal cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry that most Americans support and participate in these days. With that transition to the mainstream, however, certain previously quintessential stoner skills and experiences are left in the dust. One of those things being left behind is the art of rolling a blunt. 

Rolling a blunt is, without a doubt, an essential stoner skill. When you're first starting smoking, it can be much easier to rely on bowls & bongs to get you high, but since they're not that portable, you'll eventually want to learn how to roll. On top of that, learning how to roll a blunt yourself will make sure you can take your cannabis on the go with you without needing to rely on the pre-rolls from the dispensary! That's where we here at Where's Weed come in. 

This article is going to be a go-to guide on the in's and out's of how to roll blunts, what exactly you'll need to make and roll a blunt that you and your buddies will enjoy smoking wherever you go, and what exactly a blunt is in the first place. Let's get right into it! 

What is a Blunt? 


While most old-school stoners know what a blunt is, the legal cannabis industry has been flooded with younger people who might not know a world outside of dispensary-bought pre-rolls, concentrates, and dab rigs. So what exactly is a blunt? 

Basically, a blunt is to a joint what a cigar is to a cigarette. A blunt usually involves a cigarillo being split open, emptied or mostly emptied of the tobacco inside, replacing that tobacco with cannabis, and being sealed back up and smoked. 

It's different from a standard joint in a few key ways. Firstly, the tobacco inside has an impact on your high. Since a blunt wrapper has a mix of cannabis and tobacco inside, it can lead to a bit of a different high. Another factor is the flavoring. Many blunt wrappers tend to be flavored, adding another fun wrinkle into the smoking experience. Finally, blunts tend to burn slower than the average joint. Due to the thicker material the wrapper is made from, blunts tend to last longer. Perfect for the smokers looking to make their puffing and passing experience last a bit longer, blunts are the way to go! 

How to Make a Blunt

While rolling a blunt is an art, it's not as complicated as it appears on the surface. If you're looking at it in closer detail, rolling a blunt only involves four easy-to-follow and straightforward steps. Before you start rolling, however, you'll need to gather up some essential components to a great blunt. Here's what you'll need: 

Now that you have your basic components for rolling a high-quality blunt let's get into the step-by-step guide on how to roll a blunt! 

Grab and Grind Your Favorite Cannabis Strain 


First things first, you'll need to get some good-quality dried cannabis flower to load your blunt up with. Using the grinder instead of breaking it up with your hands will lead to a more even smoking experience and better high. On average, a blunt can fit between 1-2 grams of ground-up cannabis flower. The amount of cannabis you put in each blunt can differ, depending on how much tobacco you leave in there. Some people like the mix of tobacco and cannabis. Others prefer just the cannabis. Figuring out the right combination of the two for you is going to be a process of trial and error, but at least you'll have some fun figuring it out!

Prep Your Blunt Wrapper 

This next step might be the most important step of them all. Doing this right is essential when it comes to rolling a blunt. Firstly, you'll need to decide on the type of wrapper you're going to use. 

All of the following are good options and can be purchased at pretty much every gas station, corner store, or smoke shop around. Here are some brands that we recommend: 

Once you have your wrapper of choice, the next step is figuring out how best to split it. Now, the old-school way to do it was just to open it up from one end to another with a razor blade or use your fingers. Modern-day inventions like the splitter, for example, make that process a little easier if that's what you need. If you're looking for the secret to how to split swishers consistently, a splitter is the key. At the end of the day, as long as the wrapper is intact and somewhat emptied of tobacco to make room for your ground cannabis flower, you're good to go! 

Wet Your Wrapper 

Here's a step that you won't have to do for the average joint. Since blunt wrappers are thicker and often tougher to work with than the average rolling paper used for joints, you'll need to wet them a little to make them easier to work with. Most times, you can do this with just a bit of saliva, but in the age of COVID, if you're rolling for someone else you can easily use some water and your finger to wet the wrapper. The key to this step is to wet the wrapper without getting it too wet. A soggy wrapper is no good for anyone and won't make for a good smoking experience. Practice makes perfect here but always opt for less water as opposed to more.

Fill, Roll, and Bake Your Wrapper 


Now that you've ground up your cannabis flower, split and wet your wrapper, it's time to fill up your blunt and get rolling. As we mentioned before, the average blunt will hold about two grams of cannabis, depending on how much tobacco you leave in, but bigger wrappers can be loaded up with more. Once you have the cannabis evenly distributed, it's time to roll a blunt. 

Figuring out how to roll to start your rolling process, tuck the wrapper under itself and roll the wet end to the inside of the exposed edge. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles, make sure your blunt is sealed up and free of holes, and your wrapping is complete! 

For the final step, you just need to bake your blunt. Since you wet the wrapper to roll it, you'll need to dry it off a bit to seal everything in. You can easily do this with the heat of your lighter. You're not looking to burn the wrapper, you're just looking to heat it up enough to get some of the moisture out of the wrapper and seal everything in. If you're looking for the secret of how to roll a blunt tighter, this is it! Once you do that, you're good to go and ready to light up, puff, puff, and pass!     

Have you tried to roll a blunt before? Let u know if this guide was helpful & if you have any other tips in the comments below. 

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