The Top 5 Strains to Smoke During the Weekend

The Top 5 Strains to Smoke During the Weekend

Published on 6/11/22

Everybody's working for the weekend said Loverboy, and what was true in the high-flying 80s is certainly true in the modern era - especially because the modern era has access to legal dank. The best weed strains out there are even better on Saturday and/or Sunday when there's no need to set an alarm. If you are a person who leaves work early on Friday, here is a list of strains that will help kick-start a great mini-vacation. Remember before you toke that getting higher than the stratosphere isn't always a function purely of THC, but of the terpenes and chemical content of the strain, given that some will hit harder even if they have lower stat levels overall.

The Couch Potato Weekend High

Some weekends, you pursue lofty goals, telling yourself that it will be the weekend you learn Swedish or clear out the storage closet or hike the tallest mountain in your state. But some weekends aren't meant for the great and the glorious: some weekends are so that you can catch your breath from the tyranny of a 40-hour workweek. When that happens, you want the couch potato high: no frills, just give me something good.

One great option for when you want to watch as many episodes of Spongebob before Monday is Cannatonic. This hybrid strain has more ambition than you might be feeling: its creators wanted to make a strain that perfectly balanced THC and CBD at a one-to-one ratio, resulting in a strain that hits hard but feels great. Cannatonic also tastes great with fruity flavoring because its caryophyllene terpenes provide relaxation fuel and a tart taste. 

The Brilliance High

If you are the type of person who wants to try out for Jeopardy while baked, you know that you want a weekend devoted to deep thoughts, whether those thoughts are sculpture and poetry or whether those thoughts are how to combine Oreos and M&Ms. The Brilliance high is the type of high when you decide you need to apply every inch of your concentration and come away with something fantastic. 

When it comes to the best strain for productivity, few are better than Black Magic, given its name because it boasts deep purple and blue crystals. This strain is well known for its 2% CBD content, reflecting how its mellow pinene terpenes help your mind create new connections that allow you to see the world in a new way.

The Becoming the Best High

Everyone loves to feel that fiery sensation in your heart when a foe is defeated, whether that foe is challenging you at MarioKart or air hockey, and a good cannabis strain can help you get your head in the game. A high hitter will get you there, and one of the best indica strains fits the bill: Armageddon Skunk is famous for keeping its users sharp because of its relatively low THC amount, clocking in at 15%. That's enough to provide a way to clear your head without being enough to make you forget what you ate for breakfast.

The Everything's Going My Way High

Some weekends pass by without much of a second thought, but others are experiences you remember all your life. On those rare weekends where you take a trip, see an old friend, or experience some new adventure, you want the high that helps the luck roll on in. Getting an electric sativa like Sour Diesel is the perfect injection of vim, vigor, and vitality. This is partially because Sour Diesel boasts a 20% THC rate, meaning that there's no doubt you'll be flying high. The strength of the taste is just one example of how it lifts you up when you're aiming for the best 48 hours of your life.

The Just Get It Done High

Not all weekends can be devoted to video games and pizza rolls. As with everything else in life, sometimes our obligations end up requiring more than we bargained for, and when it comes time to do your taxes or help your friend move or babysit your neighbor's 200lb St. Bernard, sometimes the best part of a weekend is putting it in the rear-view mirror. 

When you just want the clock to run out, you want a high to relax your mind and put you at ease. This requires strains that give enough CBD to counterbalance a head high; a choice like Blue Dream, a cross-strain of blueberry and haze parents, provides an excellent taste to go with a relaxing sensation that helps you come to grips with the weekend that's a giant honey-do weekend. This is the type of strain that makes you look forward to your next weekend.

Do you devote weekends to any aspects of a cannabis hobby? How have you used different strains to get to a different zone? Let us know in the comments below!

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