Top 4 Cannabis Kitchen Gadgets 2022

Top 4 Cannabis Kitchen Gadgets 2022

Published on 6/24/22

Each year or so, there seems to be certain kitchen gadgets that take the world by storm. Once it was the crock pot, then the instant pot, and now, if you don't have an air fryer - what are you even using to cook with? In the age of technological advancement, everyone is looking for an app or a tool to streamline every part of their lives, so why should cooking be any different? In the wake of the spreading of legalization efforts, coupled with the soaring popularity of cannabis edibles, people are looking to make their own at home - and all with a fancy oil infusion machine or cannabutter machine. Below we'll look at the practicality of these devices and a few kitchen gadgets you should check out for your cannabis cooking needs. 

The Not-So-Tasty Side of Edibles 

We all have that one friend who loves to dish out homemade edibles, right? Have you ever stopped to wonder why you aren't making them yourself? It may be because you hate to cook and simply don't know your way around the kitchen. You could also have no idea where to start regarding edibles, as so many imperative steps are involved. 

For starters, you can't simply chop up your cannabis and throw it in some brownie batter. A complex process called decarboxylation must occur, using specific light, time, and heat to activate the cannabis. Next, creating instant pot cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil isn't a walk in the park either. The process of correctly dosing edibles isn't an exact science, and online dosing calculators can also seem confusing.

Are These Cannabis Gadgets Worth It?

Making edibles at home is a bit misleading. It's not about simply adding some weed to whatever recipe you're looking at, but it involves a lot of time, some math, and then some more patience. If you're not looking for a grueling day in the kitchen making sure your cannabis-infused coconut oil is dosed properly or want to sit back and relax with a joint in hand while the gadgets go to work, keep reading for our top picks and let the oil infuser do the work. 

Cannabis Kitchen Gadgets 

Ardent FX


This Boston-based biotech company has created an effective, laboratory-grade decarboxylator so you can ensure your precious cannabis flower can be used to its full potential every single time. Without the decarb process, your bud isn't going to do anything, so this Ardent device is there to fully activate the plant material at the press of a button. Throw in flower, kief, concentrates, or stems, and have Ardent be your butter infuser! We recommend re-creating their very own in-unit chili recipe. Shop kits, accessories, and more at every price point on their website or Amazon.


Levo Oil

This brand is all about "taking the confusion out of infusion" and has brought the ancient process of herbal infusion into the future. From salves and soaps to smoothie bowls and salad dressings, this all-in-one herb oil infuser carefully extracts the components of the whole plant so the full medicinal and therapeutic benefits can be felt. With no fixed temperature or time settings, Levo is perfect for those who want total control in the kitchen, and we recommend trying your hand at your own strawberry lemonade gummies. Prices start at $299 and can be purchased through their e-commerce website. 

Magical Butter Machine

Magical Butter

At-home infusions can seem daunting. However, this device is straight to the point, allowing you to create many recipes with little to no work and four simple pre-programmed functions. As a more cost-friendly infuser on the market, still expect this edible creator to satisfy every craving you have. A bonus point? This infuser has an automated cleaning cycle, so you can skip that step and get right to the stoner session. The world is your oyster with this infuser, and we recommend trying some infused mango habanero BBQ rib sauce to really spice things up. This machine retails for $225 on their website or on Amazon.

Haavitek Oil Infuser


If you're looking for a sleek and elegant design that will look fantastic on your countertop, check out this product. The ultra-affordable, least "techy" option is this infuser that will still get the job done every time. Making 2 sticks of cannabutter or approximately 1 cup of cooking oil in about 10 minutes, this infuser is perfect if you need a little pick-me-up cannabis honey in your morning tea. With a self-contained straining unit, getting clarified butter and infused oil is a breeze! Find this product on Amazon for $30.

Do you use a fancy gadget for your infusions? Are you still stuck doing it all by hand? Tell us your favorite machine and your go-to recipe in the comments below. 

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