Top 7 Cannabis Products Meant for PMS Relief

Top 7 Cannabis Products Meant for PMS Relief

Published on 9/18/22

Medicinal properties of cannabis help users deal with pain issues ranging from mild to severe, menstrual pain included. The types of cannabis for PMS relief available to women can promise a potential solution to a painful period. Both scientific studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that cannabis for menstrual cramps provides needed pain relief. What should you know about the products in this unique market?

The Medicinal Advantages of Cannabis

Cannabis' pain-management benefits speak for itself. Most medicinal cannabis users say that they rely on products for pain management, primarily those high in CBD. While recreational strains have a relatively low degree of CBD, medicinal strains have quantities ten to twenty times greater. Concentrates further augment cannabidiol pain-management qualities by allowing precise application to specific places works quickly, including under serious conditions. CBD for menstrual cramps provides further benefits, including aiding insomnia, anxiety, and appetite. Finally, don't forget that a product may have some THC in it, even if it isn't a lot, to augment these processes and promote relaxation.

Cannabis Products for PMS Relief

Red Moon Pads

A milestone business in the cannabis industry, Red Moon Pads was the first company to put CBD products on the market specifically for menstrual pain. Their flagship pads (hemp, organic, and carrying 10mg of CBD) are available at $48 for a box of 40. The company's forward-thinking initiatives include providing menstrual products for the 43 million American women in poverty who lack affordable access while also destigmatizing incidents of intense menstrual pain: four in five American women report experiencing high menstrual pain, and two in three report they did while another person did not take them seriously. 

Foria Wellness Suppositories

Foria Wellness

With names like "Cramps Be Gone" and "Relief Melts," there's not much secrecy behind Foria menstrual cramps suppositories. Since each suppository boasts 100mg of CBD, there's no need for it. That's about five times the power of a typical medicinal strain, making these CBD suppositories for cramps a hugely powerful option. Foria's menstrual relief line also includes CBD bath salts and a 100mg oil, meaning it also ranks around the top of the lists of CBD oil for menstrual cramps.

Somebody Roller 

Direct application often tops the list of how to use CBD for cramps. A roller makes it possible to deliver CBD oil straight to the spot, and the Somebody CBD Menstrual Cramp Roller does just that. It is inexpensive and easy to carry around at just $36 and two inches in length. With aloe vera to quickly spread through the skin and essential oils like menthol, Somebody's product is a great way to get a lot of relief.

Phasey Period Chocolate


Edibles for menstrual cramps provide the option to enjoy the experience and keep it going over a longer span. Phasey chocolate is neither joke nor cliche but a powerful tool. Just one or two a day can be all it takes for pain relief since these chocolates clock in at 30mg per truffle. Not only does it taste good, but it comes with advice, since Phasey has studied when particular chocolates have the most effect during period phases. The only downside is the cost: each chocolate costs $7 each, or about five times the price of a regular candy bar.

Winged Women

Not all pain relief products are a simple calculation of CBD numbers, as Winged Women shows. While their pain relief soft gels have just 25mg of CBD, they are the only entry on this list that calculates their CBG content. That compound is rare: it is found in just 1% of all strains of sativa or indica for menstrual cramps. The benefits of CBG are still becoming known to science, but what has been discovered so far is quite promising. It appears to function much in the same way as CBD - reducing inflammation, eliminating pain, even decreasing cancer cell growth rate - but possibly at a stronger level. 

Toastyy Hand & Body Lotion


A little goes a long way with Toastyy Hand & Body lotion because a little dose still has a staggering 500mg of CBD in its system. While it is generally meant for dealing with dry skin, there is no question that it will get to work whenever there is pain nearby. At fifty dollars, furthermore, it is easily the most cost-effective CBD product on this list. Since it is full-spectrum CBD, moreover, it offers further benefits

The Good Patch

Featuring hemp extract and black cohosh, a root used for not just menstruation but also menopause, The Good Patch promises a lot at a low cost, with a price point of just a few dollars per patch. Simply peel it off and place it on your abdomen to feel relief. The patch can be worn for twelve hours without a second thought.

Do you have experience with cannabis for pain management? How have you found that certain products help or come up short? Let us know in the comments below!

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