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    Best place to get your meds
    Have never been disappointed with house of zen. They always keep a good selection of flowers at affordable prices if you haven't been here yet look no further this is the best place in the HD come in and see for yourselves ..

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    Honest Medical Shop/Champions of Medical Marijuana
    The House Of Zen has proven, unlike most of the high desert dispinsaries, that they not only care about the patient, but they absolutely care about our rights. Where are the other shops of Apple Valley when The House Of Zen goes to the Apple Valley town CLOWNCIL meetings? Where are the organizers for patients rights? Where are all the tough talking shops at when it really counts? Seemingly they are all cowards covering in a dark place while The House of Zen continues to champion our rights, even those of the cowards who love the money but are unwilling to test their resolve by standing up for their, and our, rights. The House of zen has good meds, good eatibles, and a good staff who cares. I know alot of the other owners and shops, but they are no where to be found when the patient needs them most. Thanks House of Zen for your Ethics, Moral's and Principles that you not only talk about but show in action that you mean it. LOVE IS AN ACTION NOT AN EMOTION. The words of most of the other places mean nothing. They want your money and they want it quick and fast. They don't care, but The House of Zen does. They prove they care by thier very actions. I have no respect for the others who cowardicly hide like the criminals they are.

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    Very nice been there several times
    Decided to make this one my regular go to place for my meds.