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About this Dispensary

Mr. Nice Guy is a community-based compassionate Collective. It is our MISSION to get to know every patient individually so that we may provide the medicine best suited to their needs at an affordable rate. Mr. Nice Guy also performs a number of friendly services for the community including:
1) Regular caregiving services and assistance to struggling patients.
2) Free medicine to patients with severe needs and limited income.
3) Consultation services are available upon request.
4) MNG uses only biodegradable packaging and glass in order to produce less waste and minimize our environmental footprint.

JOIN and ORDER: easy!
1) Please call us to join our collective, order and gain access to our website: (805)-325-9179
2) There is a 100 minimum on all orders to accommodate delivery costs.
3) Please note: We are no longer accepting new patients in Isla Vista or anyone under under 21 years of age.
4) You may ask to view or sample menu items before purchasing; however, this does not include some prepackaged products such as edibles.

We look forward to serving you!
If you are interested in any of the services listed above then read on to learn more...

Mr. Nice Guy is a non-profit that operates under SB420, Prop 215 and CA code. We have structured a community of patients and growers who collectivelycultivate cannabis and support patients in the community who suffer from serious medical ailments. We are always accepting applications from prospective members so please contact us if you are interested in joining the collective and sharing the support.

1) MEDICINE: As a Collective, Mr. Nice Guy seeks to provide the highest quality medicine to medical patients at an affordable rate.
2) CONSULTATIONS: Mr. Nice Guy offers personalized consultations to help determine which type of medicine will best suit your needs. Our consultants bring a selection of products for patients to choose from. We request that our growers to grow the kinds of Cannabis that our patients prefer and also take the time to understand every one of our patient's needs. You may ask to view or sample menu items before purchasing; however, this does not include some prepackaged products such as edibles.
3) COMPASSION PROGRAM: Mr. Nice Guy has formed a COMPASSION PROGRAM to provide caregiving services and free medicine to patients with severe needs and limited income. Call the Mr. Nice Guy Collective for an evaluation to see if you qualify for this program or visit our website to learn more.
4) SPONSOR: From Mr. Nice Guy's Compassion Program stemmed our Miguel Garcia Fund. Miguel is a patient in the local community who suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Miguel's amazing attitude inspired us to rethink the structure of the collective and in doing so It it has become our goal to assist with his medical costs and eventually provide him with all the medicinal cannabis he requires free of charge. We are presently raising money to help Miguel purchase a scooter. You may visit our website to learn more.
-Miguel's scooter fund: $3,100
-Miguel's GoFundMe online fundraiser:
-Video: "The Miguel Garcia Story":

Mr. Nice Guy asks for a 100 minimum donation on all orders. Your donation:
1) Ensures basic costs are covered.
2) Allows Mr. Nice Guy to provide the medicine at an affordable rate.
3) Contributes to our Compassion Program.
4) Allows patients to sample the medicine before they donate.
Thank you very much for contributing to our community-based Collective!

In the case that you are dissatisfied with your medicine, Mr. Nice Guy would be glad to refund your money or exchange the product.

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