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    One of the best customer service experiences I have had recently. They were very helpful and patient with our questions. Amazing selection! We have already been back once.

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    Only place to get VERIETIES of grade A+++ in Sonoma County, easiest place to get to imo, and the staff is amazing. If you have a complaint on a product (for example a leak in my ~$60 vape pen cartridge), they can replace it no problem! The main manager tossed the old one I had a problem with in the garbage without worrying about company recompensation, all they want is for me to leave with a legit smile every time I visit and they have yet to disappoint me! Even after 8 years of being a loyal customer ( I do go to other clubs frequently, but I'm a very regular customer at Organnican and I have yet to have one bad experience there :)
    They have proven over and over again since I basically grew up with the company, being my first club I went to and all, that they are TRULY about the patient FIRST, then and only THEN do they worry about profit. It is truly one of the stores that has valued my opinion (and has shone that they do) over and over again. I rarely do reviews but I LOVE this company so much I had to do one :) I even tried to get a job there to on thier job fair but didn't get it unfortunately, they would've had an employee that would feel like it's Christmas everyday I went in haha.
    I really just can't praise this club enough, thanks Organnican:)

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    Amazing place

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