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    One of the best customer service experiences I have had recently. They were very helpful and patient with our questions. Amazing selection! We have already been back once.

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    Only place to get VERIETIES of grade A+++ in Sonoma County, easiest place to get to imo, and the staff is amazing. If you have a complaint on a product (for example a leak in my ~$60 vape pen cartridge), they can replace it no problem! The main manager tossed the old one I had a problem with in the garbage without worrying about company recompensation, all they want is for me to leave with a legit smile every time I visit and they have yet to disappoint me! Even after 8 years of being a loyal customer ( I do go to other clubs frequently, but I'm a very regular customer at Organnican and I have yet to have one bad experience there :)
    They have proven over and over again since I basically grew up with the company, being my first club I went to and all, that they are TRULY about the patient FIRST, then and only THEN do they worry about profit. It is truly one of the stores that has valued my opinion (and has shone that they do) over and over again. I rarely do reviews but I LOVE this company so much I had to do one :) I even tried to get a job there to on thier job fair but didn't get it unfortunately, they would've had an employee that would feel like it's Christmas everyday I went in haha.
    I really just can't praise this club enough, thanks Organnican:)

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    Amazing place

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    Junk Yard of Clubs
    I just can't give these guys even a mediocre review based upon major flaws and short-falls with every aspect of their business as follows;
    1. On 2 occasions within the last year, I have purchased clones at this location and they have not been what they were supposed to be. In fact they charged me for a premium strain on both occasions, only for me to find out in the end that they were common strains that would normally be 1/2 the price and were not what I was after in the first place. These guys supposedly guarantee that their clones are accurately marked, however when you call them on it and provide proof with tags and end product, they just basically say "so sorry" and don't even bother to discount the next batch of clones that you purchase. I have also brought in disease with their clones on the last set that I purchased from them, luckily they were put into an area all by themselves until flower time as this set had come in with fungus gnats and thrips.
    2. The manager is very condescending and rude. Don't even bother trying to approach him with a complaint, problem, or issue of any sort as he will just roll his eyes and blow you off.
    3. Most of the employees are knowledgeable and friendly, however, they are not truthful about product and basically try to off their old stuff to you first, even if you have certain needs for the medicine that you are looking for.
    4. Prices are too high for most of what they are selling. I know that they purchase the medicine that their employees grow first and foremost, even though there is much higher product out there for competitive prices from other growers. I have seen people try to offer them medicine at low pricing that is top-notch, only to be turned away for grade B medicine that is purchased from employees/owners. I understand that this is a way to maximize profits, but at the expense of the patients and by misleading people that come in and try to sell them their extra product. The last couple of times that a friend of mine had gone in with grade A+ product, they took very large samples, told him that they would let him know one way or the other within 10 days and never ended up responding to him whatsoever. He of course did not wait on them, but this is very rude, and goes against their exchange of feedback for the person's time and free sample to them.
    5. The location is also not the greatest as they have taken over a building and put prison wire all around it. Makes me definitely feel weird going into it, like I am some sort of criminal.
    6. Staff for the most part is knowledgeable, but I have to knock them on this also, as they use their knowledge to swindle the customer into purchasing product that has been sitting because they can't sell it.

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    A good club
    I don't get all of these people saying this place has bad medicine. It's tested most of the time and I never had a bad product. They have a lot for growing your own and someone to help you with those choices if you don't know what to buy. The samples really REALLY need to be changed. All the security guards are nice, if you talk to them they will seem less intimidating I guess I don't know they weren't intimidating to me. Don't like business practices but I'm not going for business I'm going for medicine.