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    You guys made it so easy with highlighting instructions. I have not had a bad experience with you. Continued success! I would love to open a Relaxed Clarity where I live.

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    Being a patient of Relaxed Clarity for years now. You should expect to wait at least an hour. ->Each year, the wait gets longer and longer<-
    The waiting room-furnished with less than 15 folding chairs-is not climate controlled-using a fan during summer.
    The staff, though it has changed w/ each new doctor,(3 New DR's so far) Has always been kind and friendly.
    My last visit, MADE me decide, I'LL NEVER GO BACK while Roselia Schlichtig Conrad DO, is there.
    Her "bedside manner", was absolutely AWFUL!

    The 2 previous doctors TOOK NOTES on my condition.
    And-> Roselia Schlichtig Conrad, acted as if she had NEVER SEEN MY FILE, & very "authoritatively" demanded every detail again!

    THE WORST!-->having her INTERRUPT, TALK DOWN to me, and B HEADSTRONG to making her point->essentially--> I am stupid for not going to mainstream Medicine, to have a DR. offer--Surgery--or--Pills--!
    (Which are my options, there, for my condition)
    Her JOB--(which judging by the turnover rate, will be a new one next year, LOL!)

    Is to help her patient approve they want "Alternative REAL Medicine" SOLUTIONS!

    Not throwing us in the Contemporary Medical Establishment! Which offers us- Emergency/Toxic "band-aids", NO long term, DAILY solutions!

    MAIN POINT? Future Patients!

    Roselia Schlichtig Conrad DO, spent SO MUCH TIME

    “Lecturing" me

    I suddenly realized my LONGEST WAIT-prob had more to do with Roselia Schlichtig Conrad DO, than her HELPING her patients!

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