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Previously known as the great “Steel City of the West”, Pueblo, Colorado once boomed with steel mills and railroads. Of course, time has brought about many changes, with former steel mills giving way to the Riverwalk and many residents swapping industries to cannabis after Colorado legalized in 2014. Pueblo’s strong historic and creative culture makes it a wonderful place for a weekend adventure. If visiting Pueblo in late August or September, make sure to catch the annual Colorado State Fair featuring two weeks of carnivals, livestock shows, rodeos and concerts, or the Chile & Frijoles Festival, a celebration of the city’s prized harvest of chiles, Hispanic food and heritage. Maybe feel like heading outdoors? For hiking and wildlife viewing, check out Pueblo’s Nature and Raptor Center. Likewise, Lake Pueblo State Park can give you a nature fix with mountain biking, fishing, boating and other water sports. 

Since Colorado’s recreational cannabis industry began in 2014, both the recreational and medical use of marijuana is legal and highly normal. Consequently, legalization led to a rebirth in Pueblo, with many people moving to the city to make it in the industry. Anyone over the age of 21 can purchase marijuana from a recreational dispensary with a government-issued ID, or 18 with a valid MMJ patient or caregiver card. Furthermore, those under the age of 18 with a medical need can obtain an MMJ card if their legal caregiver purchases from a medical dispensary. Getting marijuana in Pueblo couldn’t be easier with several recreational and medical dispensaries open within the city, as well as curbside pickup services. Specifically, adults 21 and up can only possess up to 1 ounce of flower at a time or equivalent amounts of concentrates or edibles. It is illegal to consume cannabis in public and people should only consume in the privacy of their home. Though the state of Colorado legalized marijuana smoking lounges, the city of Pueblo does not currently permit any. For more in-depth information, check out our Colorado state cannabis guide

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