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3Fifteen Cannabis

If you’re looking for some of the finest cannabis in all of Michigan, then there are few better options than 3Fifteen. A medical and recreational dispensary option that offers online orders, delivery, and curbside pick-up and top-notch cannabis products to recreational buyers in the Great Lakes state, 3Fifteen has locations in hotspots like Detriot, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and pretty much anywhere else throughout Michigan.

With medical-only and recreational dispensaries throughout the state, 3Fifteen locations offer top-notch products, friendly and knowledgeable customer service from budtenders, and a wide range of options to pick from their menu.  

With more than 25 locations scattered throughout Michigan, each offering newbies and cannabis lovers alike resources for how to home grow and learn about their cannabis, and massive menus full of products like cannabis flower and pre-rolls, disposable vapes and carts, edibles, and potent cannabis concentrates, 3 Fifteen medical and recreational dispensaries are fantastic options for those in the Great Lakes state looking to stock up!