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Thrive Cannabis

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Thrive is Nevada’s largest independently owned cannabis company. We’re here to bring cannabis out of the party scene and into the light of day, where you can use it safely, responsibly, and ethically. 

We provide affordable access to medical-grade cannabis with a range of popular strains to choose from. Find your favorites, like Blue Dream or Wedding Cookies, and grab flower or pre-rolls. Is smoking not your thing? We also have vapes, edibles, and concentrates for more discreet use or a different experience.

Thrive has six dispensaries throughout northern Nevada, from Reno to the Las Vegas strip. Adult-use cannabis consumers 21 and older are welcome, and so are medical patients. You can even get a tax discount with your medical card!

If you’re ready to thrive, stop by if you’re in Nevada. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.