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Where to visit in Fort Collins, CO

Horsetooth Reservoir

Source: Cassandra Turner

Just 5 minutes west of town, Horsetooth Reservoir is a natural oasis that is not to be missed. With paddle board rentals, rock climbing, scenic hikes, boating and swimming, Horsetooth is a destination that every traveler should visit. The numerous cliff bands overlooking the reservoir are a local favorite for immersing yourself in the scenic beauty of a summer sunset or enjoying a peaceful picnic under the open sky.

Poudre Canyon

Source: Charles Willgren

If you are looking for something a little more ‘wild’ during your visit to Fort Collins, then Poudre Canyon is your spot. Pronounced poo-der, the canyon is a favorite spot for locals wanting a respite from the crowds of the Front Range. Boasting over 100 miles of hiking trails, amazing fly fishing and intense white-water rafting, Poudre Canyon has something to satiate even the more adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. To reach Poudre Canyon, simply head north on Highway 287, taking a left onto the 14 (Poudre Canyon Highway).

City Park

Source: Paul L Dineen

City Park offers a more relaxed environment for visitors, providing open to lay in the grass and soak up some sun. With a park, a lake and open grass fields, City Park is a paradise in the heart of Fort Collins. If you are visiting over summer, be sure to stop by City Park on Tuesday nights as food trucks and live bands from all over the country gather here, providing residents and tourists alike with a festive night of food and entertainment. If you are traveling with a canine companion, City Park is a favorite spot for local dog owners.

Old Town Square

Source: snowride007

With weekly free concerts, dozens of 5-star restaurants and a bustling nightlife, Old Town is a destination for any Fort Collins tourist. By day, Old Town is a hub of shopping and dining, offering shopaholics a one of a kind experience with numerous businesses not found anywhere else in the world. As the sun sets over Horsetooth Mountain, Old Town becomes the capital of the Fort Collins nightlife. Whether you choose to visit a free concert in Old Town Square or go dancing at the rowdy Rec-Room nightclub, Old Town will be your best bet for a fun night out.

What to do in Fort Collins, CO

Take a Brewery Tour on a Bike!

Source: Betsy Weber

On your first visit to Fort Collins, you may be shocked to realize that the city secretly hides a wealth of craft breweries. Home to breweries such as New Belgium, Odell and Maxline, Fort Collins is one of the best-kept secrets in beer. What makes these breweries even better is their close proximity to one another! The best brewery bike-tour option is to start at Equinox Brewing and work your way through Prost, New Belgium, Snowbank and finally finish at Odell. If you don’t have a bicycle, Old Town offers some great bike rental options that won’t break the bank.

Go White-Water Rafting

Source: Kimon Berlin

The short distance between Poudre Canyon and Fort Collins allows visitors to go from restaurants to rapids in under 30 minutes. The city hosts a plethora of white-water rafting guides, offering visitors numerous options to choose from when selecting their ideal rafting trip. Whether you’re ready to charge some 4th class rapids or just want to enjoy Colorado’s picturesque landscapes while slowly floating the river, the canyons just outside Fort Collins have just what you’re looking for.

Float the Poudre River

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

A favorite pastime of locals during summer months is to ride inner tubes through the city on the Poudre River. Unlike the raging river in the canyons, the Poudre River becomes slow and steady in town, making it perfect for inner tubing on a warm, sunny day. The best places to launch your tube are at Taft or Shields where the river passes under the road in the north side of town. If floating is not your thing, the river launch points can also make great secluded swimming spots.

Visit the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Source: Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Facebook Page

Lovers of art, history, science and stunning visuals will enjoy the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Located minutes from central Fort Collins, this museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. The FCMD features a 360 degree ‘dome-theater’ offering viewers breathtaking visuals in a surreal setting. Enjoying your favorite marijuana product and going to the theater makes for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Fort Collins, CO

LivWell Enlightened Health

Source: LivWell Enlightened Health Instagram Page

LivWell is perhaps the most popular dispensary among Fort Collins locals. Situated just north of Old Town, LivWell offers some of the best buds in the city at a great location. With daily deals on various products, residents have come to recognize this dispensary for its unbeatable prices and proximity to central Fort Collins. Check out their full menu of every marijuana product imaginable. Address: 900 N Collage Ave, Fort Collins, CO

Organic Alternatives

Source: Organic Alternatives Yelp Page

Organic Alternatives can be thought of as the ‘fine-dining’ of Fort Collins dispensaries. With top-shelf strains and high-end THC products, Organic Alternatives offers a more refined marijuana experience. While the prices will often run higher here than other Fort Collins dispensaries, the quality of product here is unmatched within city limits. The budtenders at Organic Alternatives are extremely knowledgeable and informative, making Organic Alternatives a great spot for first-time weed buyers. Address: 346 E Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO

Flower Power Botanicals

Source: Flower Power Botanicals Yelp Page

Hidden on the outskirts of town is this small but friendly local dispensary. While the menu may be slightly smaller than most, there are plenty of options for cannabis connoisseurs with a cornucopia of strains and THC infused products. Over the years, locals have come to love Flower Power Botanicals for the friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere and low prices. Address: 1308 Duff Dr, Fort Collins, CO

Natural Alternatives for Health

Source: Natural Alternatives Website

If you are staying at one of the many hotels or AirBnbs on the south side of Fort Collins, Natural Alternatives will be your best dispensary option. Located off Highway 287, this massive dispensary offers an unbeatable selection of award-winning strains and THC products. Despite the high-quality products offered, Natural Alternatives has competitive pricing options for even the most frugal shopper. Don’t let the location persuade you – many Fort Collins locals consider Natural Alternatives the best dispensary in town. Address: 6712 S Collage Ave #5, Fort Collins, CO

Where to Shop / Arts in Fort Collins, CO

Old Town

Source: David Kingham

If you are seeking the most unique shopping experience in Fort Collins, Old Town Square will be your best option. With dozens of shops and restaurants found only in Fort Collins, you will find products here not located anywhere else in the world. From the artisanal olive oils sold at Rocky Mountain Olive Oil to the delicious ice-cream cookie sandwiches of Mary’s Mountain Cookies, Old Town has something for everyone. There are several blocks of stores with every category of retailer imaginable. Don’t expect to find too many chain stores here, as Old Town focuses on small businesses.

Jessup Farms Artisan Village

Source: Jessup Farms Artisan Village Facebook Page

Jessup Farms is one of the trendiest spots in town with artisan coffee, craft whiskey, hand-made clothing and more. With a rustic themed outdoor mall, Jessup Farms has a vibe all its own. As many of the buildings located here are over 100 years old, Jessup Farms has a history as rich as its culture.

Nature's Own

Source: Nature's Own Facebook Page

If your chakras are in need of some crystal energy, Nature’s Own will be your one-stop-shop for natural wonders including crystals, geodes and spiritual healing. The vast quantity of fossils, minerals and more will satiate your inner geologist and are just as fun to look at as they are to buy.

Where to Eat in Fort Collins, CO

The Colorado Room

Source: The Colorado Room Facebook Page

The Colorado Room is a local hotspot, known for their gourmet spin on classic slider sandwiches. Colorado Room offers delectable mini sandwiches with flavors from around the world. From their Asian inspired Bahn-Mi bison slider to their all-American southwest chicken slider, this restaurant will have just the right sandwich to fix even the most outlandish craving. As a side note, Colorado Room also offers the best sweet potato fries in town.

Choice City Butcher and Deli

Source: Choice City Butcher and Deli Facebook Page

Whether you are looking for the best deli sandwich in town or a delicious brunch location, Choice City can’t be beat. For brunch goers, the green-chili smothered breakfast burrito is a local brunch favorite. If you are visiting at lunchtime, Choice City boasts the finest deli sandwiches in Fort Collins with responsibly sourced local meats that are mouth-wateringly good. The corned beef Rueben is a staff favorite here at Where’s Weed.

Blue Agave Grill

Source: Blue Agave Grill Facebook Page

For a more refined dining experience, Blue Agave offers a high-end twist to Mexican inspired dishes. If you don’t mind paying a little extra, Blue Agave hosts the highest quality Mexican food in Fort Collins. The difference can be tasted as you bite into the savory, perfectly seasoned dishes. The ‘Signature Asada’ should not be missed and the house-made margaritas are the perfect choice to get the night going.

Music City Hot Chicken

Source: Music City Hot Chicken Facebook Page

Sometimes a simple menu is better and Music City is a testament to that fact. The cinnamon-dusted, spicy hot chicken found at Music City is the 8th wonder of the world. Every bite will leave you slightly regretful that you might never again experience such a magical combination of flavors. Even better? Music City is one of the most affordable dining options in Fort Collins.


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