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Medical Marijuana in Colorado

As of November 7, 2000, Colorado voters approved Amendment 20 allowing for the legal consumption of medical marijuana. Under the law, patients are allowed to possess up to two ounces and cultivate a maximum of six plants.

In order to obtain medical marijuana, prospective patients must receive a recommendation from a doctor.

Frequently asked questions about cannabis in Colorado:

  • How do I get a medical marijuana card in Colorado?

    Obtaining medical marijuana in Colorado requires a state red card, which can be acquired with a recommendation from a doctor indicating you are suffering from a medical condition and may benefit from the medical marijuana.

  • Where can I find a doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation?

    To find a doctor in your community, enter your location in the search field above.

  • What is needed to submit an application for a medical marijuana card?

    • A completed and notarized adult application packet or a minor application packet.
    • A Physician Certification completed by your doctor, included in the packets above.
    • A copy of your Colorado driver’s license or photo ID.*
    • A check or money order for $15 made out to CDPHE
  • Where can I buy medical marijuana?

    Enter your location in the search field above to find trusted, legal medical marijuana businesses in your community.

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

In November 2012, Colorado enacted Amendment 64, allowing adults over 21 years of age to possess and grow cannabis recreationally. Adults are permitted to possess up to one ounce of cannabis while traveling and grow a total of six plants.

Just as with alcohol, consumption in public and driving under the influence are illegal.

Frequently asked questions about recreational marijuana in Colorado

  • How old do I have to be to purchase recreational marijuana?

    You must be 21 and older to buy, possess or use retail marijuana. It is illegal to give or sell retail marijuana to minors.

  • Where can I purchase recreational marijuana in Colorado?

    Adults 21 and older can purchase marijuana at licensed recreational dispensaries. To find a dispensary near you, type your locality in the search field above.

  • Where can I consume recreational marijuana?

    Marijuana consumption is limited to to private and personal use. Marijuana can not be consumed in public such as in parks, public transportation, live events or local businesses.

  • How much recreational marijuana can I have in Colorado?

    Colorado citizens can possess up to one ounce of marijuana, while non-residents are limited to purchasing no more than ¼ ounce.