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  • Wheelchair Accessible


-2 Parking Lots! -Switch to us! It's easy! Copy and paste into your browser. 15% OFF -Veterans with valid proof who qualify as a patient and/or caregiver -SSDI with valid proof 20% OFF -Under 18...


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    The level of customer service was deplorable! I’ve been a customer there since they opened & am disappointed! I was being waited on today by one of the fantastic bud tenders who was about to complete the transaction & close out the sale when she was removed from the register & Kevin the manager took over. He was unable to complete the sale & had apparent difficulty utilizing the pos system. Then he could no locate my $25 credits that was In the system. I then requested 1/8 of flower & he did not seem very knowledgeable of the product he was recommending in response to my particular needs. It appears level of service is dropping off as Green Gates has increased in volume of business.

    Chris the excellent budtender took over from Kevin. Closed the sale, deescalated the situation & then followed me out to apologize for the inconvenience.

    It is not good business practice to interrupt the closure of transactions especially when they are open on the pos. Then someone less competent inconveniences the customer & has title of management. If i we’re still at Whole Foods & this happened there would be a write up for this action! There are many dispensaries to switch to, that bad customer service should not be tolerated. #EpicFail #GreenGateFailure

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