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    Love it this one is my favorite so convenient clean fast and amazing selection

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    One of my favorite dispensaries to browse, their internal design and layout of the product is like an apple store, unlike other dispensaries that are setup more like a jewelry shop.

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    I've tried many and the source is the best. I am a long time smoker, so wanted to try some edibles. Close is the very best. When she filled my order she WS also very helpful with her suggestions.

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    Good price deals

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    Recreational marijuana starts soon. Do yourself a favor and skip ever going to The Source. From May thru December of 2016 I would visit the source almost weekly. I did so because I would earn points and get my free vape cartridge. Which was often due to the amount of money spent. I started to frequent other dispensaries to get their first time visit offers. It had it only been a few months and I go back the source. I'm told in January their system crashed and everyone's loyalty points were erased and lost. Doesn't seem to matter that the budtenders there know me and could vouch for my loyalty. The manager checked me out. No apology. No offer to compensate. Not even a $5 pre-roll of your crappy flower. Instead a smart ass millennial working there says "that's why I use my points right away" No loyalty at all. A revolving door of millennial shit heads and serious lack of respect. I won't be back ever! And, neither should any of you.

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    Love this dispensary

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    Bud tenders are enough to make u go else where..

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    Has to be the best dispensary in Las Vegas. Love the people super prompt enjoy the experience every time. Keep the deals coming. The Sour Kush Is Beautiful

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