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    I've had my med card 6 years and thoroughly sampled dispensaries in every region of our state. I only buy wide varieties of top shelf flower. I'm not into concentrates but I sample edibles.

    Not only does Elite have more top shelf strain options (dozens) than anyone else in the state...the sheer volume of their supply that you are confronted with gives you a true "kid in a candystore" effect!

    I currently travel from Grand Rapids to Flint to buy from Elite because the quality there is what makes it medicine.

    I could go on and on about great staff, short wait times, items for sale in the shop, etc...but I would rather let you experience it for yourself!

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    I loved it! Clerks are very knowledgeable.

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    Great service thanks

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    Had a great first experience , my bud tender was very knowledgeable I believe her name was Shelby

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    I have been there twice and got atleast 8 oz and some dabs the dabs were in wax paper all smashed and stuck together so that sucked but the flower its self I bought variety of prices all was all like hard brick weed smashed together.. huge stems n mostly fan leaf and larf stuck to side of stem and what tiny buds were in there was JAM PACKED WITH SEEDS each bud had like 4 in it so atleast 1/4 of what u get is seeds and thick gnarly stems.. one of the more expensive ones was a little better but still hard tiny buds n stems with harsh chemical taste.. Asked them for a fruity cartridge and said I didn't care how much it cost I just didn't want it to taste like dish soap like the platinum vape ones and the best flavor they could do is forbidden fruit that tasted like Cologne and dish soap Mixed.. apparently that was the best they had to offer.. my patients were furious abiut all of it and i barely got anything back out of what i paid.. no decent buds in anything.. i dont mind outdoor but this was all such trash.. dabs had leaf from bud stuck in a few of them.. Everything was harsh like chemicals doesn't matter the cheaper the more expensive the dabs all of it tasted bad and at all smells like pickles nothing smelt good or even like flower.. I was really excited about a cheap option when I run out for my patients between harvests but this by far Is not worth it and is super sad that they are pawning all of this junk off on people..i dont smoke it i dont wanna breathe in chemicals n god knows what else.. black ash isnt good..

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    Fantastic loved it

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    I had a great experience! They were helpful and had great attitudes! Thanks guys!!!

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    They always have an amazing selection at great prices. They are very knowledgeable about how to help and get what best suits you. Their products of hemp wraps and pens are at great prices too and they know how they’re used. The location is super easy to see, right off a main road and they have extra parking too. Overall a great dispensary !! Would recommend to all

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    Nice friendly bud tenders good pickings.

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