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    I love it, just wish it was a little closer than it is & y'all need to keep updating what you have in stock on line.

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    'ive recently been to minerva i've asked to talk to the owners who apparently don't give a crap to make their customers happy. i bought some medicine from them and it gave me the worst headache ever. they flat out told me that the state doesnt allow returns but that's bs cause hdr does and so do other dispensaries. it was just a way to get me to not call back. what losers. then u ask to talk to the owners and yet still nothing

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    Certification visit - in and out in 15 minutes. I received my card within two weeks. Excellent tour, knowledgeable staff, well organized, and good product variety. Unsure about prices, first time customer.

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    very good
    I like it a lot very nice bilding

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    These people are awesome!
    You will never babe let down, as well as they carry six to ten,plus different strains indica as well as hybrid, and sativa. Everyone nice and informative.