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Now open on Main Street in Springfield, we proudly serve both ommp and 21+ guests. Find your bliss. Here at Cannabliss & Co. our focus is on setting a higher standard with superior service from dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team members....


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    Always quality flower, helpful bud tenders
    Best prices anywhere. Favorite dispensary. Never worry about getting poor quality Cannabis here.

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    I've been to all of the dispensaries on Main Street I live in Springfield so I shop in Springfield as a medical patient this dispensary is totally listening to me and my request that's so important to me I've had several surgeries eight in all when you walk in you say straight out to them I need something strong in your highest THC no sleeper please I can only use hard-hitting Medical marijuana that's all you got to tell them and he will help you out for sure I've gone home Happy every time with their in-store request 4 high THC they will deliver and not make you go home and happy thank you so much you have a great dispensary thank you so much

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