Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Springfield

Located just outside of Eugene and only a short drive from Willamette National Forest, Springfield, Oregon may be one of the prettiest places to live in America. A city with a lot to do yet defined by small-town vibes and grandeur of the American northwest wilderness, Springfield has something to offer everyone – not to mention, this place is the actual inspiration for The Simpsons’ Springfield (visit the Springfield Museum to learn more). Year-round farmers markets, lots of local eateries and breweries, nearby vineyards with gorgeous views and tours, and easy access to hundreds of miles of trails throughout the surrounding forests make Springfield what it is. It’s also right across from Eugene, which offers its own unique take on Oregon living.

Like so many other cities within Oregon, Springfield has something else going for it: amazing weed. Springfield is home to many high-end dispensaries (not to mention Eugene’s prolific cannabis scene is right next door). Oregon legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, and Springfield has since benefited from the state’s high quality and testing standards and increasingly diverse cannabis culture. Most dispensaries operate from 7 AM to 10 PM, and while most Springfield dispensaries do not offer delivery services, many of the nearby Eugene dispensaries will deliver to Springfield. Please note that, while marijuana is readily available in Springfield and surrounding cities, it is prohibited to use weed on public property (including state and national parks) and it is illegal to drive while under the influence of any amount of marijuana.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Springfield, OR

  • Is marijuana legal in Springfield?

    Yes! Medical and recreational weed is legal in Springfield, Oregon, so long as you are at least 21 years old or have a valid medical marijuana card.


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Springfield?

    There are many dispensaries throughout Springfield and even more in the nearby city of Eugene. Most of these dispensaries offer both medical and recreational marijuana. To purchase marijuana at these dispensaries, you must have a government-issued ID or a valid medical marijuana card. 


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Springfield?

    Yes! It is legal to smoke weed in Springfield, but it is illegal to smoke weed in public or within sight of the public (this includes state and national forests). If you wish to smoke marijuana at a private residence that you do not own, such as an Airbnb, hotel, or apartment, you must have the property owner’s permission.


  • Is weed delivery available in Springfield?

    Yes. Nevada has legalized marijuana delivery, and while Springfield does not have many dispensaries that offer marijuana delivery, many in Eugene will deliver to Springfield. Please check your local dispensary for store-specific delivery details.


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Springfield?

    Yes! Springfield dispensaries offer online ordering for both curbside and in-store pickup. To finalize your purchase upon pickup, you must have a valid medical marijuana card or a government-issued ID. 


Springfield Dispensary Reviews

  • Definitely avoid this place their customer service is atrocious on a good day. One of the bud tenders called me a little bitch under her breath bc I didn’t care for her suggestion on how to wear my mask properly. Sorry I can’t see bc my glasses fog up. 10 months in I guess I should’ve known to ask the leading mask wearing expert in lane county. Next time I’ll wear it how you say and when my glasses fog up to to the point I can’t see you can watch as i trip and fall down breaking my leg in what will be my new store. And the first thing I’m gonna do is fire your ass bc your attitude is piss poor. To be perfectly honest you should be ashamed of yourself treating patients that way. You’re supposed to be a medical provider but instead with your snarky attitude you resort to calling people names under your breath. What a disgrace to the medical marijuana industry. I’m sorry you don’t like your weird haircut but that’s no reason to

  • I got ripped off here. They said it was 1/2 oz but I discovered when I got home it was only 1/4 oz. When I called them they admitted they were wrong but refused to make it right. They wouldn't give me the second 1/4 oz, only a "discount". BEWARE

  • The budget bags are LITERALLY...DUST, NOT EVEN BITS ,DUST

  • Best Dispensary in Oregon. Period. The whole Staff kicks ass. Best specials, Prices, and Amazing Customer Appreciation. Hands Down. 2 locations, Eugene and Salem!

  • Perfect experience! Terrific Bud Tenders, excellent customer service and quality . I got what I needed at a great price. Very happy. Looking forward to coming back.

  • I used to really enjoy this shop! But theyve gotten new staff in that is just below standard at providing customer service. After 2 days of issues i went in to talk to a manager. He stoos there and made excuses for his rude employee as she stood there running her mouth. NEVER will i spend money here again. Better customer service found elsewhere.

  • This is my favorite spot. The people are awesome and selection is good.

  • Well stocked, clean lil store. Great prices and friendly bud tenders.

  • Always quality flower, helpful bud tenders Best prices anywhere. Favorite dispensary. Never worry about getting poor quality Cannabis here.

  • Always a pleasant experience.

  • Awesome selection freshest flowers around and $99.00 ozs...

  • favorite dispensary in town

  • I have been there a few times and find they are friendly and helpful. They are knowledgable about various strains of cannibus and give good advice on what works for what condition. I take medical only.

  • Great experience with both staff and product. I even bought several t-shirts.

  • I've been to all of the dispensaries on Main Street I live in Springfield so I shop in Springfield as a medical patient this dispensary is totally listening to me and my request that's so important to me I've had several surgeries eight in all when you walk in you say straight out to them I need something strong in your highest THC no sleeper please I can only use hard-hitting Medical marijuana that's all you got to tell them and he will help you out for sure I've gone home Happy every time with their in-store request 4 high THC they will deliver and not make you go home and happy thank you so much you have a great dispensary thank you so much

  • This business is still open. I walk past it often.

  • After starting a month ago I went to The Greener Side. The staff is concerned with your well fair, and getting you the answers you need. They are patience and put up with my crap as I asked them a million questions. (thanks Justin and everyone else who's name I can't remember them!!

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