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    I have been using OSD for 3+ years and the staff is always friendly and the product is high quality. I don't use edibles, so I cannot rate them, but the bud is always good.

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    Totally rude owner and staff. I feel like im getting ripped off every time ive gone. i dont want to pay $20 for a gr. of mediocre bud. I feel like im being waited on by children. They are always pre medicated and talk about being "high" while working. Prices are expensive, too many choices to pick from, good and bad.. The owner is rude rude rude, making lots and lots of money, he has let the employees and customers know hes in a bad mood more than once while at the counter. cheezy, sleezy, ripoffzy

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    Organic Solutions is the only dispensary that has ever charged taxes on my cannabis purchases. What is up with that? When I was there I picked out a couple of varieties and told the guy to round it up to equal $180. The budtender took forever trying to figure out how much would be. When I asked him why it was so hard to figure out, he said "well it get's tricky when you have to add in the tax". Turns out I paid over $12 just in taxes!!!! I don't pay taxes on any other perscriptions I purchase, so why is Organic Solutions charging taxes? I also didn't care for the vib at the dispensary either. It was like the two guys there were a little too high and didn't really want to be working, and in fact they weren't really working. They hardly spoke to me! Later Organic Solutions...much later.

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