Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is located in the Sonoran Desert of southern California and is home to many medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. The city is known for its shopping, fine dining, hot springs and golf courses. While in town, you can visit places like San Jacinto Peak, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, or take a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Just outside of town is the ever so popular music festival we know as Coachella.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Palm Springs, CA

  • Where can I purchase marijuana in Palm Springs, California?
    Adults 21 and older are allowed to purchase marijuana in recreational dispensaries. Adults 18 and older with a valid physician's recommendation and medical marijuana card can purchase marijuana at medical or recreational dispensaries. To find a dispensary near you, check out the local listings on our page.
  • How much cannabis can I possess in Palm Springs?
    Recreational users can possess up to 28.5 grams of flower, 8 grams of concentrates, and 6 cannabis plants. If you are a medical patient, you can have up to 8 ounces of marijuana and 12 cannabis plants.
  • Where can I legally smoke marijuana in Palm Springs?
    You are allowed to smoke, vape and consume edibles in private spaces only. This means you cannot smoke while you are in public places like bars, restaurants, parks, or while driving.
  • Can I travel with marijuana in Palm Springs?
    You are allowed to travel with marijuana only if you are staying in the state of California. It is illegal to travel out of state with marijuana and cannabis-infused products.

Dispensary Reviews in Palm Springs, CA

  • Do not buy from them. The delivery guy is super creepy. Asked me how much I wanted for me to come with him to a hotel room even though he knows I have a boyfriend and is not interested AT ALL. I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED BY THIS.

  • Hello to the nice young lady at Brady's meds dispenasry.I had every i need with big buds.And they got some special strain this xmass

  • wrong phone number listed

  • They know what they doing exactly 100%

  • I looking for a legit dispensary and found this store, and the guy on the phone was amasing and got real knowledge of their products.. I got the best bud's at that dispensary...

  • Friendly, safe and a chill atmosphere. My bud tender was a great help. I am a recreational user, so I can’t comment on the med quality. Good deals on bud. Plus, coffee!

    Foxrun reviewed Libra
  • This is the best dispensary in the area! Quality top shelf product, friendly staff, and a great location!

  • Brady meds marijuana is the best to place to get the big fire buds with alots of different strain and their prices are affordable. Great place I most comment.

  • What’s not to like? Great selection, wonderful service, clean and spacious, AND A DRIVE-THROUGH!! Quality top to bottom.

  • firdt of all it seems like you made a wrong turn up a dark industrial park but navigation was deD on. once you arrive you wont see much compared to the look at me places i shopped at. look for the green glowing sign and you found them. they approved my Pa. licence and i went in. its a no nonsense place it has a smaller selection compared to others but thats fine i didnt get overwhelmed trying to decide. the staff was great. the quality is incredible and the average price in my experience. even though it may not lool like it at night. it's there. ill shop there again any day i return to Ca. highly recommended . . .i loved the Tahoe O.G. & the white fire 43 try the grape ape vape & blueberry cookies vape my favorites. thnx guys 👍👍

    Tom S. reviewed Bombay
  • Great plenty of choice and high quality

  • In my top list for delivery services! I’ve ordered vapes from different stores and I can tell Joy delivery is my favorite so far. They have good product, their service is the best, their delivery time is dope speedy! I got my order last time within 15 minutes that make me go to their place again and again. They have good prices and they always show their gratitude to the returning customers. I got my order with lots of useful freebies, I loved the weed I got, super dope one! Keep up with good work Joy (: I love you guys and you’ll hear from me a lot in the future.

  • Today was my first try on WheresWeed. And to be honest i loved it more than Weedmaps. Joy delivery was also the first delivery that popped up in my area. I liked the menu, pricing and, oh my god, the dispatcher was so quick and knowledgeable. I ordered 1/4 of Kosher Kush and it was the best deal in the area. They hooked me up with free grinder, lighter and rolling papers to make sure I was packed and ready. Love these guys. Deff ordering again!

    Joy Delivery
  • Just ordered kosher kush, their in house flower is amazing quality And fast delivery I ever had, 15mins Downtown, those guys are crazy!!!! Love it!

  • Anybody know where I can buy bud from here in bodfish? I just moved out here and have yet to find a dispensary);

  • Friendly and very helpful

  • Is this storefront so I can just come in and not do delivery?

  • Won't let me see menu or anything

  • Dubs is the best

  • Butterfly is a oldie but goodie go to for me - when the other dispensaries run out of gimmicks and sales Butterfly’s prices and quality always keep me coming back and staying

  • GOOD Cannabis and EVERYONE is awesome an so respectful to me when I call and the delivery people are awesome as well I like them I give them a 100%

  • Trusted and pleasant experience every delivery. Thank you, that means a lot to me.

  • Love this place and Vanessa is awesome

  • Really enjoyed my first experience with them wasn’t rushed out like most places budtenders Were very welcoming Will definitely be back

  • Just registered trying to find out

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