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    This place has gone WAY down hill
    Owner no longer even lives in Oregon..has turned this over to some gangster teenagers with bad meds, bad attitude, and the place smells,..who needs this place any more it has fun its course

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    Great Place
    Love this place. Great people. Great meds and a really cool building.

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    Good customer service, professional owner
    Due to a very prompt and professional response from the owner addressing my concerns, I have changed my previous negative post to positive. Customer service matters, and Matt knows that.
    the Cannabliss owner: a good business man, has contacted me, and apologized for the unprofessional behavior that was a one time slip up, and promised to address it within his employees. This is how a bad customer service experience should be treated. I would like to commend him, and say that even if you have a bad experience here, Matt will do his utmost to make it better and make sure it never happens again.

    Thanks Matt.

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